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The fact that Black Friday is approaching, we think, you should not be reminded – in many media now this is one of the most popular topics for discussion. But the sense from this event really is: bona fide stores arrange real sales, and do not engage in the fact that they first raise, and then reduce prices, creating "artificial" discounts. And within the limits of one such sale it is possible to get set of technics and accessories Apple at reasonable prices.


Traditionally, on Black Friday, Apple smartphones are most often bought. Unsurprisingly, sometimes prices are really lower (especially compared to the online store Apple), in addition, they sell smartphones with the certification of Rostest with a two-year warranty. For example, the iPhone 6 with 32 GB of internal memory can be bought with a nice discount of 8% for 23,999 rubles, even more they discount the price (10%) for the iPhone 7 256 GB and the iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – 45 499 rubles and 57 999 rubles respectively. The maximum discount of 13% is available for the iPhone 8 version with 256 GB of memory in gold.


Despite the fact that the tablets are not such a "running" product, the stores did not bypass them. At a very good price is available iPad Pro with a display of 10.5 inches, 64 GB of memory and Wi-Fi – 45 499 rubles with a 10% discount. And if you add about six thousand rubles, you can already buy a previous-generation iPad Pro with a screen of 12.9 inches, 128 GB of storage and support for LTE.

iMac and MacBook

Up to 27% discounts on Apple computers (Rostest with a two-year warranty). The same 12-inch MacBook can be borrowed for 72,999 rubles, and with a 12% discount is available 21.5-inch iMac with a Retina 4K display, 1 TB of storage, 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of video memory. One of the most interesting offers is available for a 13-inch MacBook Pro (end of 2016) with 512 GB of SSD and 8 GB of RAM – 106,499 rubles.

Apple Watch

It's probably hard to find the best time to buy smart watches from Apple. A quarter of the price dropped on Apple Watch Nike + 38 mm in an aluminum case with a branded strap and now give for 19,399 rubles. Even more surprising proposal for the Apple Watch Series 3: despite the fact that the clock came out just a couple of months ago, they can already be snatched at discounts – 25,999 rubles for a version in a gray case with a black strap and 31,999 rubles for a model with LTE and a strap "White shell."

Straps for Apple Watch

Well, if you got a watch earlier (or a year ago for the same sale), we advise you to pay attention to the straps, since they are too expensive (and sometimes unreasonable) without the shares and discounts. First of all I would like to mention the brand steel and sports straps for Apple Watch, which can be bought at a discount for 4 499 rubles and 2 999 rubles, respectively. But even steeper, that almost for the price of the first with 15% discount is available a set of their three leather straps HOCO (Cuff + Double + Single Tour), so change them every day.

AirPods and not only

Yes, Black Friday has not left wireless headphones AirPods aside – they can be bought for 10 499 rubles (one of our editors has already been tempted). Even more, the discount (20%) is on the car holder Magnetic Air Vent Mount – 1499 rubles.

But the most interesting offer only for Black Friday can be snatched to the COTEetCI docking station – 799 rubles with a 60% discount! The quantity is limited, so do not hesitate.

Cables and adapters

Up to 30% discount on various cables and adapters – for example, two cables – COTEetCI FASHION USB to Lightning and COTEetCI USB to Lightning with an indicator and magnetic mount can be bought for 1599 rubles and 1299 rubles, respectively. Below you can see a review of the first.

For covers and films for all iPhone models (from iPhone 5c to iPhone X), discounts are up to 25%, and prices start at just 70 rubles. Look, for sure you will find an interesting accessory, the more it is better to spend a couple of hundred rubles on a case, than to restore the display or the back panel of the iPhone for several thousand rubles.

These are just a few of the goods that are available for discounts on Black Friday in the i-Ray.ru store. The store also offers a trade-in service, within which you can exchange your iPhone or iPad for a new one with a surcharge – so the purchase will become even more profitable. Come by yourself and choose your own!

The material has been prepared with the support of i-ray.ru

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iPhone, iPad, MacBook and accessories with steep discounts |

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